Hospital/Doctors Aggregator & Booking App

Shatter stereotypes and redefine healthcare industry with the power of AI & Mobile Apps

Build Patients Loyality

Custom-Native Medical Mobile App

The success of every healthcare business lies in building unbreakable trust and customer loyalty. Our customized Medical App is a fully-integrated, personalized patient care solution that cultivates loyalty for the healthcare business. With this patient care app, patients can easily place basic enquiries, schedule appointments, and communicate with hospitals/clinics. The app can also guide patients toward targeted action (call to action) using customized deals, promotions and updates about hospitals/clinics, referrals, and social media shares.

Medical Website & PWA

Hospital / Doctors Directory Portal

With our secure, responsive and aesthetically pleasing Hospital/ Doctors Directory website, patients can easily get information about hospitals, doctors and other medical institutions on their PC or Mobile browser. With the added help of Progressive Web Applications (PWA) technology, patients can use this interactive platform without installing a mobile app.

Manage your business with just a few simple click

Admin Panel for Hospital, Doctors and Company

Hospitals, clinics, or doctors can manage their bookings and profile with ease using a web-based admin panel. Using this, they can view their appointments, ratings and reviews, update their profile, chat with patients and much more. The Hospital/Clinic/Doctor (Super Admin) can manage nearly all operations using this admin panel starting from adding hospitals and doctors to viewing revenue reports.

Drive More Appointments for Hospitals

Appointment Booking AI Chatbot

If you are a doctor or a hospital manager, you will know that a lot of time gets wasted in scheduling appointments. Hospital Staff gets tied up in manually corresponding with patients to do something as simple as setting an appointment when they could be doing something more valuable with their time. Imagine if a bot could handle all the mundane stuff so that your staff is free to do more? Take advantage of an AI backed booking chatbot to make the most of your resources without losing out on quality interactions with your customers.

Innovative Features

Platform Highlights

Native Apps
Native Mobile Apps
Responsive Website
Responsive Website
Progressive Web Apps
Progressive Web App
Artificial Intelligence
AI enabled Chatbot
Multi Countries
Multi Countries
Multi Languages
Multi Languages
GPS Location Search
Social Media Login
Social Media Login
Doctors & Hospital Management
Appointments Management
SEO Optimized
SEO Optimized
Payment Gateway
Secure Payments
Customer Loyalty
Customer Loyalty

Benefits for Your Business

  • Brand awareness and visibility

  • Improved business sales and efficiency

  • Time savings and hassle-free interactions

  • Increased awareness of patient behavior

  • Update latest news and advertisements

  • Marketing through social media

  • Assured ROI

Benefits for Your Customer

  • Time savings and hassle-free medical appointment scheduling

  • Extensive range of service availability

  • Convenient Payment Options

  • Track and manage appointments

  • Get comprehensive hospital and doctor information

  • Receive notifications on news and advertisements