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UI Design, Web, App and AI Chatbot Development


Edbix is an innovative learning platform powered by Artificial Intelligence that provides an interactive, chatbot guided learning experience using Comprehensive Knowledge Banks.

UI Design, App Development

My Indian Yoga

My Indian Yoga is a simple live yoga training app for both Kids and Adults. The app assists in conducting remote yoga classes for customers in China. It provides instructions in the Chinese language.

Chatbot Development


The medical chatbot app helps conduct a first-level analysis of patient illness through a series of interactive questioning. It also helps to route patients to the right doctor. This is a home product of Floges and can be used by any hospital/clinic to ease their booking process.

UI Design, App Development


PBX999 is a cloud based hybrid phone system with 100% uptime. It provides phone numbers with the ability to receive countless calls. The numbers carry the capacity for extensive expansion.

UI Design, App Development


SimpleOpus is an app that can be used for a daily payment collection. This supports offline usage and Bluetooth printing of receipts.

UI Design, Web Development


FirstHost is a web platform where local PR’s/citizen’s can list themselves to host new migrants travelling abroad for the first time at their home for a week or two.

UI Design, App Development


Pushcart is a grocery e-commerce platform operating in Singapore. Functions through a shopping website and mobile app, and helps Singaporeans to purchase authentic Indian Products.

Web Design & Development

Save the Loom

Savetheloom.org is a nonprofit community group that works to revive, restore, and restructure the handloom industry in India. It is an open forum of individuals with a deep sense of pride in the handmade industry and it collects funds to support our art & craft industry.

App Development


Warash is an app for booking Car Repair and Car Wash Services in Dubai. App users can search for workshops nearby and locate the services they require. More than 3000 workshops are associated in this platform.

App Development

Emirates Literature Foundation

The mobile app for the Emirates Literature Foundation helps the non-profit organisation in supporting and nurturing literature in the UAE through programmes of varied cultural initiatives. This app provides the information about the events and assists in booking.

App Development


Fresh2Cart is an app for exclusive vegetable shopping. This platform has wide variety of vegetables listed for purchase. They provide products with both cash on delivery and online payment model.