Hotel Booking App Development

Start hotel booking business with professional hotel management, reservation and online booking system.


Offer convenience to your guests through our customized on-demand hotel booking app solutions. Whether you are an experienced hotel chain, hotel business, or a newbie entrepreneur venturing into hospitality industry; our hotel booking app solutions help you gain visitors and also improves upon your business efficiency by tracking various areas of your hospitality business.

Advantages of Hotel Reservation App Solutions for your business

Whether you have single hospitality property or own a chain of hotels, our scalable hotel booking app offers solutions suitable for all business sizes without any extra effort. It helps you enhance customer experience; contribute to improved business efficiency. This cloud-based hotel booking app solution supports centralized reservations for the hospitality industry. It can maintain information including room rates, allocation, availability in distribution channels or third-party websites, inventory, cancellations, and many more. You can manage and track all your hospitality properties with a single installation irrespective of your location or the location of the property.

How this solution helps your hospitality business?

Benefits to the Business

  • Offer convenience to guests
  • Quick access to user data
  • Improved business efficiency
  • Brand recognition & visibility
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Marketing through social media & chatbots

Benefits to Clients

  • Easy and hassle-free bookings
  • Check real-time availability
  • Access to details on hotel, rooms, and other facilities
  • Track hotel location and directions
  • Can check and provide guest reviews
  • Secure in-app payment and e-billing

Suitable for hotel business owners

This app is advantageous for hotel owners to attract direct bookings and escalate their brand awareness consecutively.


Suitable for renowned Hotel Chains

A dedicated model app is generally developed by well-established hotel chains in order to bring all of their brands under one umbrella. It also offers additional functionalities.


Suitable for online room business

This is suitable for those who want to start an E-Hotel Business where app users can choose rooms from a list of hotels based on their preferences.

  • Easy Signup
    Create an account using email or social media accounts
  • Search for Hotels
    Search for hotels and resorts with predetermined parameters like dates, destination, number of people, other facilities, etc.
  • View the Property
    The app allows customers to view pictures and videos of the property.
  • Bookings and Cancellations
    Book the hotel of your choice using secure payment gateways. In case the customer wants to make a cancellation, the app allows online cancellations based on the hotel policies.
  • Secure Payments
    Make payment using multiple secure payment options like net banking, debit card, credit card, etc.
  • Manage Profile
    Set user profile including profile, booking history, language, currency, and more
  • Dashboard
    Allows viewing of current status and reports
  • Booking Management
    Manage room bookings on the real-time basis
  • Payment Management
    Accept and process payment through the secure channel like net banking, debit card, credit card, and more
  • User Management
    Manage user profile and notifications. Send or schedule custom notifications to users based on their usage history
  • Dashboard
    User-friendly Super admin dashboard with features and characteristics
  • Hotels Management
    View and Manage multiple hotels across this single platform
  • Customers Management
    Create, view and manage customer profiles
  • Post Notifications
    Post New Offers and Notices Available for Hotels