Powerful web apps specifically created for your business processes

Increase operational efficiency, enhance decision making, increase revenue, gain a competitive advantage over your competition, and streamline internal business processes with our web apps.


Responsive apps

Individual business applications

At Floges, we develop custom business apps that offer intelligent web models for all individuals in an organization ranging from the least of employees to the highest of them. Our apps accelerate decision making, business processes, and activities. With these models, organizations can obtain information from a variety of data sources and apps, which includes third-party systems they want.

Secure and scalable

Intelligent E-commerce

The intelligent e-commerce platform of Floges takes the experience of communities and marketplaces and then put them on the internet as web apps. Search engine optimized code and design allow users to use Google to find the services, products that appear on websites. A simple checkout process, various payment options combined with content management features make the site easy to use and easy to maintain.


Elegantly branded

Exciting microsites

Introducing new products and services, promoting existing products and services, improving brand identity, collecting results to improve marketing activities are just a few of the things that brands and businesses have been able to accomplish with our custom microsites. Multi-platform, focused microsites help convey a message while gathering important data for success to be measured and monitored.

Quick, smooth and intuitive

Effective Web Portals

Floges developers have developed various web portals ranging from corporate, commerce, knowledge or enterprise web portals whether for B2C or B2B. One important aspect of our web portals is the undelayed access to the information a user is looking for combined with top of the line social media platforms for quick information exchange. The portals have their own search feature that complements other functions.


Scalable and safe


SaaS applications are reshaping how business work and in today’s dynamic marketplace, there are many vendors of SaaS such as AWS, Google cloud and Microsoft Azure. These options make it a lot easier for businesses to implement and maintain their web services. Floges’ web development and consulting services ensure that you are always at the forefront irrespective of your budget.

Support and solutions

Flexible Web Maintenance

Maintaining a website can be difficult and there are some security issues it must be protected from at all cost. We offer a wide range of support options to keep your web application usable, secure and free from all bugs. If your administrator finds a problem they can’t solve on their own, we have a team of web experts ready to solve it for you. You can choose between long-term support or on-demand support at prices that are not harmful to your pockets.