AI Powered Chatbot Development

We develop advanced and artificial intelligent chatbot solutions for various domains ranging from entertainment to e-commerce, delivery services, healthcare, customer support and more.

Custom Chatbot Development Company

We provide custom chatbot development solutions based on your requirements. This can be usable in sales, marketing campaigns, on top of that, they can also intelligently provide important information about your services and products.

We also offer bot solutions for Facebook, Slack, Telegram, Google Home, Amazon Echo to mention few and they are all powered by AI, Machine Learning technologies and NLP. At Floges, we offer differentiated services tailored to your specific requirements ranging from chat robots to conversation robots, email robots IVR robots, text robots and online chat robot.


Customer Service Bots


E-Commerce Bots


Banking & Trading Bots


Airline Ticket Booking Bots


Food Ordering Bots


General FAQ Bots

Slack Bot Development

Our experts are capable of building advanced robots using a set of APIs for Slack, a cloud-based team collaboration tool. Floges offers Slack Bot Development for start-ups and enterprise level companies to pilot their productivity to a next level.

Facebook Bot Development

Our bot design and development come with the latest trends which are implemented for Facebook Messenger. With this, companies can reach millions of Facebook users who use the Facebook Messenger app. In addition, you can also provide customer support with our Facebook.

Slack Bot Development

At Floges, our experts build telegram bots powered by the latest Bot Telegram API so that running your application on this instant messaging platform can be easy and smooth. Our unique telegram bot development services will help your company to directly connect, communicate with your customer using the bot.

What are bots and why do you need one?

In a simple term, bots are software that can perform automated interactions with your customers in real time. Rather than building a complete application, you can build a bot for your major platforms such as Facebook to interact with your users, communicate with them and even make transactions.

  • With bots, you can narrow down Live Chat and well as other CRM teams
  • A bot is capable of interacting with iOS, web and Android users. This helps you save more as you will no longer need to spend on apps for different platforms
  • Bots can display links, images, and CTA buttons
  • Bots are Artificial Intelligence. You sooner you implement AI in your business, the better
  • With bots, there is direct interaction between brands and customers
    Bots are a great marketing tool. They offer push messages through Telegram, Facebook messenger
  • B2B business apps face retention problem. Making a bot can be a lot useful 24×7 real-time interactions and it’s not limited by location or time-zone of customers

At Floges, we have the understanding and knowledge of the technologies involved in the development of bots. With over 5 years of experience, we develop bot naturally without any hassle. Our bot development objectives are very high and we want to offer companies, whatever their sector is, high-end bot development services.