App Support and Maintenance

Floges offers expert support and maintenance after your app launched.  After your app has been developed, the control stick will be handed over to you. Customers do ask for support services even after the app has been deployed. That’s why we focus on application support and maintenance, even after deployment.

As the number of users increases, migration of server, low latency, and some other factors will come into play. These factors have a direct impact on your business app performance. You can always count on our seasoned team of developers to help you out any time.

In the tough market, apps contend with each other. After your application has been deployed, a surge in the number of users is one of the difficulties you will go through. There are many other things. These aspects are covered by our support and maintenance. They are as follows:

  • Changes as a result of regulatory issues
  • Migration of data from a server to another
  • Minor, incremental and major improvements
  • Optimizing server performance in case of low latency
  • Use of technologies that support large user base concurrency

Our goal still remains simple throughout our range of application support and maintenance services, which is “to remain profitable”. We have an extensive team of experts in technology that specializes in offering top-notch application support and maintenance across all operating systems and devices.

To this very moment, numerous server maintenance and migration operations for various applications have been performed by Floges. We have a team of experts who will set up your app host, review your app and as well as proffer a solution to any problem that may arise as a result of malfunction.

Why choose Floges as your support and maintenance expert?

For over 5 years, Floges has been working and developing applications. Over 200 projects have been executed by Floges. We have an extensive experience in a wide variety of applications. From experience, we understand that every application is different and each app brings many unprecedented issues to the app surface. Aspects of international law, corporate governance, foreign exchange, etc. make it difficult to achieve the business objectives of your application.

With our help, a vast number of clients have been able to overcome these challenges every time. You can count on our extensive experience and choose us as your support and maintenance expert.