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The hospitality industry is using mobile apps to bring a new form of communication with their guests. With the app he can choose location based hotels based on their point of interests, comparing rates, services, offers and deals with other hotels. Most of the travelers are reliant to this app. Hotel Reservation app makes you outstanding by improving services and rise revenue and provide world class services which customers are expected.


  • Search and find perfect hotel and book reservations from anywhere with Hotel Reservations app.
  • The app provides full concierge services like order room service, book hotel spa treatments, choose bath amenities, local city guides.
  • Push notifications on exclusive offers and deals in the hotel.
  • Slideshow with multiple images of room with room details.
  • Image-sharing feature make users to take photos and share them directly from the app.
  • Slide shows with multiple images to show the room in 360 degree view with room details.

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