About Us

We create successful products that stands out from the crowd!

Floges is comprised of highly passionate and experienced individuals dedicated towards delivering products and services of the highest quality. Our Program Managers, Programmers, Creative Designers, and Quality Analyzers, have extensive knowledge in developing mobile apps, web applications and enterprise software.

Floges Software Solutions was founded in 2013. The company began as a web development service provider, designing websites predominantly for large enterprises. In no time, Floges Software Solutions experienced a lightning fast growth and soon spread its wings into mobile application development services. Presently, the company has become a global name providing cutting-edge technology solutions to clients from U.S.A., Germany, U.A.E. and India. Floges operates out of its headquarters at Info Park Technology Business Center, Kochi in Southwest India.

Our heart and brain are governed by 3 values


Our unique approach of providing our clients with novel solutions ensures that, more often than not, they are pioneers in their own industry. We do that by anticipating tomorrow’s problems and solving them today. We enable our clients to not only outmaneuver their competition, but be a symbol of ingenuity and inspiration.


Our teams of skilled professionals are trained to deliver outstanding performance on all aspects of our projects. It is at the core of our philosophy that anything less than excellence is inadmissible. Apart from the fact that we are generally among the early adopters of the latest trends in the technology industry, our staff undergoes rigorous training regularly to stay well ahead of industry standards.


We constantly endeavor to deliver more, and exceed the expectations of our clients. We evoke trust among our clients by adhering to the highest possible standards. By continuously upgrading ourselves, we strive to provide better solutions and lesser costs. Our clients’ trust in us, is the result of consistent performance.